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We grow high-quality garden plants in conjunction with our client

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We are an SME that focuses on various potted outside cultures. The offer is broad both in terms of range and pot sizes.
The products are continuously evaluated and modified to fit market trends.

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  • Erik Boterdaele is Belgian horticulturalist of the year

    15  December  2014

    Erik Boterdaele, owner of the horticultural business with the same name, was awarded the title of Belgian horticulturalist of the year on 13 December. The judges mainly praised his continued efforts in the field of sustainability and quality. In addition, thanks to recent investments and cooperation with other family businesses, this family business has been shown to work in a highly future-oriented fashion.

    Read the full article on the VLAM website.

We are a member of

  • Addenda© is an A brand, with all the benefits that come with it.

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  • We commit to environmentally conscious production.

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  • BE.plants is a collaboration between five Belgian horticultural businesses.

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